Welcome to Lutheran Church of the Covenant Gather.....Grow.....Give.....Go
              Welcome to Lutheran Church of the CovenantGather.....Grow.....Give.....Go

What We Believe

We are a congregation of God’s people called into being by the Holy Spirit.  You are welcome here.


We have been saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. In other words, God has done more for us than we could ever do for ourselves and our actions and service are done out of grattitude for the gift that God has given us through Jesus.


We care about sharing God's story of love for the world with everyone. We strive to use our words and actions to speak God's love for people. 


We say the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds and know their words are true. These "creeds," or statements of belief, are central to our Christian faith and are said by many different Christian denominations. 


We follow an order of worship (liturgy) in our services. There are four parts of our Lutheran worship: Gather, Word, Meal, Send. We gather to sing and confess our wrong doing to God who always forgives us. We hear the Word of God read from the Bible and preached. We participate in communion around God's table. We are sent into the world to love God and love our neighbors. 



We preach and teach the Word of God faithfully.   We care about hearing God speak to us through the Bible, preaching, in our Sunday School discussions, and in our lives. 


We celebrate the Sacraments (baptism and communion). These sacraments are the visible means of God’s grace to us: the primary way we experience God's gifts. 


We are servants in the world just as our Lord Jesus Christ came to be a servant.  His words to us are, “Love one another as I have loved you.”



Our Covenant

This church was founded to create committment to each other and God. This covenant is at the core of how we intend to do life together as a community: 


Accepting one another, unconditionally, in love, with gentleness and honesty and seeking to be God’s servants in His world, we make this covenant, binding each of us to the other in the name of Christ:

  • Regularly worship and commune together.
  • Participate in one or more of the programs of the church as reflected by the individual’s talents.
  • Find your personal ministry in the community and make a commitment to it and give support and assistance to the ministries of others.
  • Participate in at least one study program each year.
  • Pledge a proportion of your financial substance to the ministries of the congregation, the community, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  • Daily pray for the needs of the congregation.

The covenant is signed yearly as a sincere expression of intent.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday



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