Welcome to Lutheran Church of the Covenant Gather.....Grow.....Give.....Go
              Welcome to Lutheran Church of the CovenantGather.....Grow.....Give.....Go

Children and Youth

"The members of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable." 

(1 Corinthians 12:22)


Young people are indispensable, and we recongize that at Lutheran Church of the Covenant (LCOC). Here, you will find many people willing to engage kids and youth in authentic conversation that meets them where they are and makes them feel valued. 


At LCOC, we recognize the need that kids and youth have to connect with God and with one another. We provide opportunites for them to participate and serve in worship in developmentally appropriate ways, learn in Sunday School, volunteer in the Woodbridge community, and meet with other Christian peers in the area to make social connections and grow in their faith. 


Just as Jesus values children and invites them to come to Him, you and your children will be valued at Lutheran Church of the Covenant.


Rites of Passage

 We want celebrate the big milestones in your child's life. 



First communion 


High School Graduation 


All of these moments are worthy of the utmost attention and care.


If you would like any of these milestones to be celebrated at Lutheran Church of the Covenant, contact Pastor Grace (pastorgrace@lcocdalecity.org) to plan how the community can lift up your child and family at these special moments. 



Office Hours

Monday - Friday



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