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Weekly Bible Readings for              November 10, 2019

 NOVEMBER 10, 2019


November 10 Readings

First Reading: Job 19:23-27a
Job suffers the loss of children, wealth, and health. Accused by his companions of wrongdoing, he knows himself to be innocent. Here, in the midst of his suffering, Job clings to the radical hope that his vindicator, his redeemer, lives; and that one day he himself will see God.
23“O that my words were written down!
O that they were inscribed in a book!
24O that with an iron pen and with lead
they were engraved on a rock forever!
25For I know that my Redeemer lives,
and that at the last he will stand upon the earth;
26and after my skin has been thus destroyed,
then in my flesh I shall see God,
27awhom I shall see on my side,
and my eyes shall behold, and not another.”

Psalm: Psalm 17:1-9
Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me under the shadow of your wings. (Ps. 17:8)
1Hear a just cause, O LORD; give heed | to my cry;
listen to my prayer, which does not come from | lying lips.
2Let my vindication come forth | from your presence;
let your eyes be | fixed on justice.
3Examine my heart, visit | me by night,
melt me down; you will find no impuri- | ty in me.
4I have not regarded what | others do;
at the word of your lips I have avoided the ways | of the violent. R
5My footsteps hold fast to your | well-worn path;
and my feet | do not slip.
6I call upon you, O God, for you will | answer me;
incline your ear to me and | hear my words.
7Show me your marvelous | lovingkindness,
O Savior of those who take refuge at your right hand from those who | rise against them.
8Keep me as the apple | of your eye;
hide me under the shadow | of your wings,
9from the wicked | who assault me,
from my deadly enemies | who surround me. R


Second Reading: 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17
Paul writes to encourage the church at Thessalonica in a time of confusion and opposition. Here, the confusion concerned the return of Christ. Paul writes to those who were allowing their concern over Jesus’ imminent return to divert them from the central teachings of the gospel.
1As to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we beg you, brothers and sisters, 2not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as though from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord is already here. 3Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come unless the rebellion comes first and the lawless one is revealed, the one destined for destruction. 4He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God. 5Do you not remember that I told you these things when I was still with you?

13But we must always give thanks to God for you, brothers and sisters beloved by the Lord, because God chose you as the first fruits for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and through belief in the truth. 14For this purpose he called you through our proclamation of the good news, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by our letter.
16Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and through grace gave us eternal comfort and good hope, 17comfort your hearts and strengthen them in every good work and word.

The Word of the Lord.  Thanks be to God


Gospel: John 6:1-11  
6 After this Jesus went to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, also called the Sea of Tiberias.[a] 2 A large crowd kept following him, because they saw the signs that he was doing for the sick. 3 Jesus went up the mountain and sat down there with his disciples. 4 Now the Passover, the festival of the Jews, was near. 5 When he looked up and saw a large crowd coming toward him, Jesus said to Philip, “Where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?” 6 He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he was going to do. 7 Philip answered him, “Six months’ wages[b] would not buy enough bread for each of them to get a little.” 8 One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to him, 9 “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish. But what are they among so many people?” 10 Jesus said, “Make the people sit down.” Now there was a great deal of grass in the place; so they[c] sat down, about five thousand in all. 11 Then Jesus took the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to those who were seated; so also the fish, as much as they wanted.
The Gospel of the Lord. Praise to you, O Christ.


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